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Judge Anita Turner:

Thank you to the friendly committee for your kind invitation to judge bitches at The Lightening Club Preston. Also, a big thankyou to my 2 efficient stewards Lorraine and Jenna who were fantastic.

Competition in Whippet bitches is strong, and the quality is high. I was splitting hairs in a lot of classes and many worthy Whippets that had to go cardless. I was looking for a Whippet with unexaggerated angulation breed type and accurate foot fall. I also like a Whippet bitch to look feminine.

VB 8 (1)

1ST Winkley-Balmers Crosscop Me and My Girl for Edenwhip.

Brindle and white parti colour not showing her 10 years, moved around the ring with ease, she is of an ideal size, and she moved well. Balanced shown in excellent condition.

2nd Meakin’s Oakbark Miss Bossy Boots.

An elegant and feminine fawn and white girl of correct size moved well.

3rd Vaughn- Walls Shirotae Gin Sing JW

MPB 9 (0)

1ST Halliday & Croxford’s Aarminias French Fancy at Whittmere.

Very stylish black with white trim, although very much a baby this young girl just flows from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail, with a balanced angulation and no exaggerations she was accurate coming and going and went in profile with a long easy stride.

2nd Glaholm’s Gazenorth Principal.

Classic Fawn with white trim, with everything in the right place, I liked her balanced unexaggerated outline, she moved well both coming and going and in profile.

3rd Parkinson’s Hologem You Were Made for Me.

PB 10 (2)

1ST Rodgers Wentvalley Divine Diva.

This Brindle & white trim puppy really impressed me with her outstanding profile movement, she went around the ring with ease whilst keeping her topline, she isn’t overlong and she has a gentle curve over the loin, she is also perfect for size. I did think she would be my BPB but after a long day she lost out to the MPB.

2nd Johnston & Wilsons Danluke don’t I know it.

A brindle girl longer in the body than one, she is a fluent mover moving with a drive whilst keeping her topline, she also is well balanced.

3rd Morlands Zoraden you are my Universe.

JB 13 (3)

1ST Sampson’s Dapperdiva Milk and Honey

Heading up this super quality class a beautiful Fawn and White feminine girl, not overdone in anyway. A beautiful head and expression, correct ear set and good legs and feet, correct spring of pastern flowing top and underline moving true.

2nd Fryers Crosscop Tickled Pink at Stonefox.

A close decision, another who has so much to like. Such an elegant girl, totally unexaggerated with flowing top and underline, with perfect muscle tone. Unlucky to meet one.

3rd Myers Supeta’s Taste the Rainbow with Astrazone.

YB 9 (0)

1ST Mason’s Veredon Laurent Perrier for Aphrael.

Heading up another class filled with quality. This pale fawn girl is totally unexaggerated. I liked her balanced angulation, with a good length of upper arm and well laid shoulder, sweeping top and underline, good legs and feet with slight spring of pastern, moved well.

2nd Tyson’s Starceylon She’s a Mover JW.

A beautiful gleaming black girl with curves in all the right places, shown in gleaming condition and as her name suggests she moved well.

3rd Short’s Collooney Tommy Girl.

MB 9 (3)

1ST Lawley’s Lawleymoon Say No More.

An elegant fawn girl of ideal size, who stood out in this class, flowing top and underline moved well.

2nd Clewe’s Shardbeck Kick Up a Storm.

Attractive fawn and white girl, heavier type than one moved well.

3rd Perkins Kierpark Just Sing a Song at Zeglynn.

NB 15 (2)

1ST Johnston & Wilsons Danluke Don’t I know it.

2nd Parkinson’s Crosscop You’re Still the one for Groomsville.

Attractive and feminine fawn girl with long neck, flowing top and underline, not the movement of one.

3rd Head’s Nevedith Gold Glow of Demerlay.

SBB 15 (3)

1ST Parkinson’s Crosscop You’re Still the one for Groomsville.

2nd Lloyd’s Barnsemore Fairy Snow via Penwincoed.

Brindle girl in the firmest of condition, well ribbed back, true coming and going.

3rd Batley’s Sylleka Singapore sling.

GB 7 (2)

1ST Howgate and Hulls Palmik Truth about Love SW.

Feminine scopey girl, long powerful neck, sweeping top and underline moved with a long easy stride.

2nd Wilkinson’s Silkridge Saffron of Fletchgate.

Brindle and white which you must get your hands on, a very curvy girl and her coming and going movement was excellent.

3rd Leathart Ringmore Lona

PGB 12 (2)

1ST Howgate & Hulls Palmik a Million Dreams JW.

Very attractive pale fawn, with a gentle expression, a reachy neck into well laid shoulders, curvy top and underline, good legs and feet moved well.

2nd Salkelds Crosscop a Dream Come True for Dalerafenn.

A quality fawn girl with no exaggerations, plenty of heart room, flowing top and underline, moved well in all directions.

3rd Winup & Paipala’s Rogansrock Love Me Do.

MLB 10 (1)

1st Morris Waddell Mycroft & Mitchell’s Crosscop You Are My Destiny at Ardencote.

A really elegant fawn and white built on flowing lines, she was very pleasing to go over, her neck just flows into her correctly angulated shoulders. She has a curvy top and underline moved well.

2nd Short’s Collooney the Little Tease.

Attractive lemon brindle built on flowing lines, which scored highly on her profile movement, slightly bigger than one.

3rd Johnstons & Wilson’s Danluke Drag on a Dime JW.

LB 16 (4) CC RBIS

1st Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mycroft’s Crosscop Candle in the wind to Supeta.

This pale fawn girl exudes breed type, she kept catching my eye, I love her femineity, her size and shape. She has a good head with strong underjaw, lovely ear set and her neck which flows into her well angulated shoulders, a deep brisket and good legs and feet.

2nd Perkin’s Citycroft Americano with Silkridge. RBCC

This gleaming black with white trim is smooth to go over, beautiful head, long powerful neck, sweeping top and underline and well ribbed back. The icing on the cake is her movement, a long low daisy cutting stride and true coming and going.


OB 11 (4)

1ST Shorts CH Colloney Dita Von Tease.

Brindle and white, correct head and ear set, strong neck into well laid shoulders, deep chest and sweeping topline. Moved well both coming and going and in profile.

2nd CH Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea of Danluke JW.

Brindle girl smaller than one, feminine girl with good balanced angulation, moved well.

3rd Short’s Collooney Bit on the Side JW.

SO, B/B 6 (2)

1st Sampson’s Romaclove the Power of Love.

This quality blue stood out in this class, she is not overdone in anyway, she is an ideal size, she has a sweeping top and underline moved well.

2nd Normans Bruntsfield Blue Pearl at Jarmane.

A very curvy blue girl, who moved ok.

3rd Fletchers Bruntsfield Beatnik at Shuleah.

Judge Anita Turner

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