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Northern Counties Whippet Club

14 April 1019



Many thanks to the officers and committee of the NCWC for offering me my first CC appointment. A last minute hiccup with the original venue meant finding one at short notice and what a fantastic find it was. Super big rings and loads of room. Thanks also to my wonderful stewards for keeping things moving and allowing me to concentrate on the dogs. I had a lovely entry with some very close decisions and some very worthy bitches had to leave without a card.

MPB 20 (1a) Super class to start

1.Green & Halliday Courtbirch Flame Opal of Brochinbelle. Eyecatching youngster of 6 mths. F/W of lovely size and shape, long elegant neck to well placed shoulders, standing over plenty of ground displaying a lovely outline, enough depth and spring of rib, Good bend of stifle, low hocks, moved well with drive.

2.Short Collooney Bit On The Side. Pretty brindle with attractive head and expression. Correct outline, lovely length of neck and good shoulders. Super length with deep brisket, good bend of stifle, neat feet. Moved well.

3.Howgate & Hull Palmik Carousel.



PB 8 (1a)

1.Wilson & Winkley Balmer Edenwhip Grange Fell at Willowash. Fawn Dispalys a lovely outline standing  and really strides out on the move. Feminine all though, lovely for size, good front angulation and well sprung pasterns. Plenty of depth and spring of rib with good tuck up and gentle rise over the loin. Enough bend of stifle, well muscled with low hocks, she flowed round the ring with lovely front daisy cutting action.  BPB

2.Smith Jesrae Out Of Africa to Elequal (TAF) Feminine brindle of ideal size with long neck and good shoulders. Plenty of depth with lovely underline and enough bend of stifle and low hocks.  Good spring of pastern, neat feet moved well

3.McDowell Shiny Sensations Summer Treat (IMP)


JB 16 (1a)

1.Trouton Citycroft Grace Kelly of Runnel  Really liked this quality, correct size feminine fawn with white trim.  Lovely, curvy outline. Very attractive head with lovely eye and neat ears. Lovely length of neck and good shoulders, good for length with gentle rise over her loin, deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Good bend of stifle and tailset. Moved very well all directions. Lovely condition, well handled. Considered her in the challenge.

2.Howgate & Hull Palmik Queen of Diamonds. Eyecatching  Br/w of lovely size and shape, well balanced, with good depth and spring of rib. Pretty head and expression neat ears and good length of neck. Standing over plenty of ground, good bend of stifle, well muscled, moved with drive.

3.McKay Gilnockie Hot Tottie


YB (8)

1.Carlton & Olney  Chiendetom Overture. Elegant curvy fawn of lovely size and shape, pretty head and expression, long neck leading to to good shoulder placement, well sprung ribs and deep brisket, plenty of length with gentle rise over the loin and good tuck up. Matching angles, good spring of pastern, well muscled hind quarters moved with drive on neat feet.

2.Wignall Crosscop The Wonder Of You at Starswift. Feminine fawn shown in lovely condition. Pretty head and expression, neat ears, plenty of length and enough depth to brisket, good bend of stifle, low hocks. Good tailset, moved well.

3. Jones Burnt Sienna Patiently for Chelynnah (IMP SWE)



MB (4)

1.Langcake Danluke Love Affair at Langshor. Fawn. VHC in MP, more settled in this class. Pretty head and feminine expression, good length of neck and well placed shoulders, well sprung pasterns, enough depth and spring of rib, Good bend of stifle and low hocks. Moved well.

2.Leathart Ringmore Hecate, cream another from MP who settled better, Feminine in lovely coat and condition, lovely underline, well sprung pasterns and good bend of stifle.

3.Bass & Hall Shalfleet Zante Star at Silverfrith


NB 7 (6a)

1.Cardus Tamalden Dare Devil at Dalzeah. Pretty dark brindle  who is of lovely size and shape. Pretty head and expression, good length of neck, plenty of depth and spring of rib, lovely underline Good spring of pastern and enough bend of stifle, low hocks, well muscled.



1. Crosscop The Wonder Of You at Starswift. 2nd Yearling

2. Jones Burnt Sienna Patiently for Chelynnah (IMP SWE) 3rd in Yearling. Taller but well balanced pale fawn, very elegant and well balanced with a lovely outline, Feminine head and expression, good length of neck, lovely depth of brisket and lovely underline. Low hocks.

3.Jones Kenaiteen Blizzard at Silvergarth.


GB 10 (1a)

1.Glaholm Gazenorth Secret Identity. Not one I recall seeing before. Beautiful quality fawn who is of ideal size and so well balanced, unexaggerated and feminine with elegant neck and lovely shoulder placement. Lovely front angulation, well sprung pasterns and neat feet. Lovely depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Outline is spot on with lovely tuck up and correct rise over the loin. Good bend of stifle and low hocks. Sound graceful movement in all directions. Really pushed hard in the challenge.

2. 1st Yearling

3.Muir Citycroft Firenze for Loualba


PGB 11 (1a)

1.Franklin Haccasbrook Madam Gigi. Brindle, lovely for shape and size, with correct rise over the loin and good underline. Feminine head, good eye and neat rose ears. Reachy neck into well placed shoulders, plenty of depth to brisket and good spring of rib. Well angulated front and rear with well sprung pasterns and good bend of stifle.  Well muscled hind quarters and good feet. Moved well in profile with good front extension.

2.Wilkinson Citycroft Starfall Elegant fawn with a pretty head and expression, lovely length of neck, well placed shoulders, good depth of brisket and well sprung pasterns, standing over plenty of ground displaying a lovely outline, enough bend of stifle, low hocks.

3.Turner Gilnockie Grattitude.


MLB 9 (1a)

1.Langcake Langshor Groovy Kind Of Love. Correct size fawn with a lovely outline, pretty head and gentle expression with good ears Good length of neck, deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Well angulated front and rear with good spring of pastern and bend of stifle. Good tailset, low hocks, well muscled hindquarters. Moved with drive, in lovely coat and condition.

2Brown Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak. Attractive f/w with a lovely head and sweet expression and good ears, lovely length of neck, good shoulders and enough depth of brisket.  Lovely length through the loin, good bend of stifle, low hocks. Moved well.

3.Mason Veredon Geeoer Gawpin at Apheral.


LB 13 (5a)

1.Home &Fisher Home CitycroftMy Fair Lady or Jasarat. Quality fawn with so much to like. So feminine in head and expression, elegant all through with a lovely outline standing over plenty of ground with good length through the loin. Long neck into well placed shoulders, good depth and spring of rib. Matching angles front and rear, well sprung pasterns and good bend of stifle, low hocks, well muscled, moved well with drive all directions. In lovely coat and condition.

2.Mycroft Crosscop Let It Shine for Supeta. Pushed the winner all the way. Another quality fawn with the most feminine head and gentle expression. Lovely for size and shape with lovely underline, tuck up and correct rise over the loin. Deep brisket, well sprung ribs, good pring of pastern and enough bend of stifle, low hocks, moved very well. Well handled, in lovely coat and condition.

3. Haccasbrook Madam Gigi


OB 11 What a super class. Really splitting hairs with the 5 placings.

1.Howgate and Hull Ch Palmik En Vogue. Fawn. Beautiful bitch from every angle, spot on for size and totally unexaggerated in every way. Feminine all through, pretty head with gentle expression and good rose ears, lovely length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Lovely front angulation, well sprung pasterns. Good depth and well sprung ribs, lovely length of loin, good bend of stifle, low hocks, well handled in lovely coat and condition. Moved so well to win this fantastic class. BCC.

2.Green & Halliday Ch Collooney Queen of Dragons with Brochinbelle. F/W Another super quality bitch, very feminine with attractive head and expression, lovely reach of neck into good shoulders and well angulated front. Lovely depth of chest and well sprung ribs, lovely length through the loin with lovely outline. Good bend of stifle, low hocks moved well with drive. Pushed hard for RCC

3.Morris and Waddell Ch Nothing Compares To You at Crosscop.


Special open Black/Blue 6 (1a)

1.Hills Shimmeree Chantilly Lace. Elegant black, Lovely for size with the correct outline.  Feminine head and expression, long neck into good shoulders, deep brisket and good length of loin. Well blanced with good angulation front and rear, low hocks, moved well.

2.Turner Gilnockie Have Faith. Black in gleaming coat and condition. Very feminine, with good reach of neck and well placed shoulders. Standing over enough ground with a lovely outline. Good spring of pastern and bend of stifle. Moved well.

3.Fletcher Bruntsfield Beatnik at Shuleah


VB 6

1.Mycroft Ch Supeta’s Eclipse. Favourite of mine, Beautiful f/w who stands displaying the correct Whippet outline with gentle rise of her loin. So feminine in head and expression, lovely alert eye and rose ears. Good reach of neck into lovely shoulders, deep brisket and good spring of rib. Well angulated front and rear with well sprung pasterns and good bend of stifle. Low hocks enabling her to drive round the large ring. Pushed the CC winner all the way. RCC, BV and BVIS.

2.Masons Aphrael Casting Pearl. Brindle. Lovely size and shape,  pretty head and expression with neat ears. Good length of neck, plenty of depth and spring of rib with a lovely underline. Good spring of pastern and bend of stifle, low hocks. Moved well.

3.Vaughan Shirotae Gin Sing.


Becky Candler Smith (Maidenbower)


Maidenbower Whippets

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Northern Counties Whippet Club Championship Show 14/4/2019

Dog Critique


I would like to thank the Committee of NCWC for such a well run and highly enjoyable show. A superb new venue, providing dogs, handlers and judges with all that we collectively needed. When I looked at my final line up of unbeaten dogs, I was delighted to see a range of winners that excelled in breed type and quality, from the youngest to the oldest dog.

My final four dogs selected in the challenge, in my opinion I believe, are some of the best that we have in the rings today. Each and everyone I could have happily awarded a CC to.

At this moment in time, we are blessed with some great males. The dogs who for so long have been in the shadow of the amazing quality of bitches that we have in the breed, are now metaphorically fighting back and judges have a real pleasure in sorting through seriously good males. We have excellent youngsters coming through the ranks and judging from some of the quality pups we have, the future looks very bright.

For those looking for a good sire, a quality and varied choice will be available. My DCC winner was at his very best today, ticking all the boxes that I was looking for in a male and hence he was my choice for the ticket. I was thrilled to see him go on to BIS. My Reserve CC Winner, I cannot honestly remember seeing him before and what a beautiful, fully mature specimen he is too, going onto RBIS. The BPIB looks as if he too will have a bright future assured. A great day and one that I will remember for many years to come.



MPD 6(1)

A lovely class of true minor puppies and all showing the characteristics that are so typical of the breed at that age.

1. Neale. Runaround Jazz Singer at Stormalong. Just six months. Very attractive fawn white trim. Beautiful head, well pigmented eyes and nose. Super for size. Lovely overall shape. Front and rear assemblies most promising. Well sprung pasterns, good bone throughout. Correct arch over loin. Moved steadily. BPIS

2. Ainscough Kidaruka Mother Of Mercy. 7 months. Beautiful, black masked fawn, with white trim. Again, fabulous head piece, neat ears. Long, elegant neck, clean shoulders. Deep brisket and well ribbed. Super for length and showing balance throughout for one so young. Confident and moved out with enthusiasm. Most promising.

3. Winkley-Balmer, Morris, Waddell. Edenwhip Wayne’s World


PD 5(1)

1. Lloyd. Penwincoed Brews Moon Shine. Brindle. 8 months. Confident and well made. Super head with slight stop. Neat ears. Lovely length of neck running into clean shoulders. Good depth of brisket and curvy underline. Could possibly have more spring to pastern and just a little more length of loin. Moved beautifully on well knuckled and neat feet. Spot on for size.

2. Best. Quattro of Gentle Mind. 11 months very attractive fawn with white trim. Up to size and more heavily built than 1. Lovely head, neck and shoulders, decent bone and excellent feet. Deepest of chests and well sprung ribs. Top line tended to slope too much as handler over stretched him on the stand, although the pup was not cooperative at times. Big striding dog, but must not be moved out of his natural cadence by too much speed.

3. Clark. Willowash Othellos Love


Junior Dog 11

A class of dogs at different stages of maturity. Also a variety of sizes and breed types.

1. Howgate and Hull. Palmik King of Clubs JW. Brindle and white. Liked this dog a lot. Typical head with correct ear set, flat skull and slight stop. Elegant neck and clean well laid shoulders. Unexaggerated throughout. Deep brisket, super for length and top line. Decent bone, neat feet. Correct angulations fore and aft. Moved with ease and enthusiasm.

2. Richards. Richclass Run for Cover. Fawn with white trim. Very handsome male. Lovely head, neck and shoulders. Top and underline correct, standing on neat feet with good bone throughout. Angulations unexaggerated. Excellent skin and coat. Super on the move and lengthened as he extended. Shown to his best. Very close decision.

3. Miluk. Westwood Prince Liam


Yearling Dog 4

1. Place. Aarminias Luv The Way You Lie JW. Beautiful dog, brindle white points. Fabulous head and expression. Quality from nose to tail. Great for size. Lovely lay of shoulders. Top and underline correct, with deep brisket. Super for bone, standing on neat feet. So balanced throughout and no exaggerations in any department. Fits the breed standard to the last detail. Not always the most enthusiastic of movers but today he went like a dream. Seriously considered him for the top award. An excellent example of the breed. He has time on his side.

2. Neale. Runaround Starman at Stormalong. Fawn with white trim. Classic whippet. Breed typical head, beautiful pigmentation. Neat ears and lovely expression. Ideally, would prefer a more elegant neck. Balanced throughout and certainly no exaggeration in construction. Deep brisket, correct angulations in front and hind quarters. Tail carriage excellent and moved out confidently, true coming and going.

3. Brown. Tamalden Donatello


Maiden Dog. 2(1)

1. Lloyd. Archibold Jon From Penwincoed. Shaded fawn, white points. Lovely headed dog. Spot on for size, although ideally could carry more condition for the ring. Very elegant neck and well laid shoulders. Good bone, neat, well arched feet. Curvy underline and slight rise over loin. Pleasing angulations of hind quarters and front assembly good. Handler could be more proactive in maximising his attributes on the stand.


Novice Dog 2

Both these young dogs were most promising and there is, I feel, a fair degree of maturing and general bodying up required before they reach their best. Time is on their side.

1. Mycroft, Mycroft and Brown. Shiny Sensations Wish Upon A Star with Supeta (Imp NLD). Brindle, white points. Lovely head and super elegant neck. Good lay of shoulders. Brisket needs to drop but lovely, curvy underline. Great for length and ribs carried well back. Spring of pastern and neat feet. Angulations pleasing. Self assured and carried himself well on the move.

2. Pilkington and Myers. Supeta’s Show and Tell Astrazone. Attractive brindle white trim. Lovely lean head. Elegant neck and clean shoulders. Front assembly just needs to tighten up a little. Deep brisket and good length of loin with correct slight arch. Pleasing spring of pastern and well knuckled feet. Handled well. Moved soundly.


Special Beginners Dog 7(2)

1. Trouton. Runnel Run For Fun. I do so like this fawn dog which I have judged before. He has matured into an excellent example of the breed. Balanced from nose to tail tip, with no exaggerations. Classical head, with the lovely pigmentation that complements his colour. Good length of neck. Super front and rear assemblies. Correct spring of pasterns and flat bone. Fit and his musculature evident to eye and hand. Top line held on the move. A super whippet in so many aspects.

2. Coleman. Rogansrock Born Lucky for Silurian. Another pleasing dog. Brindle with white trim, masculine and spot on for size. Lovely for overall shape. A little broad across the chest if I am pushed. Good bone and excellent feet, although pasterns a tad upright. Hind angulation pleasing, with well bent stifles. Moved soundly. This dog has many attributes and the handler needs to showcase them more in order to raise the profile of her charge in the ring.

3. Lloyd. Archibold Jon From Penwincoed.


Graduate Dog 5 (3)

Two very different breed types, both with much to like about them and could easily change places on another day. 1. Perkins. Jasarat Jetsetter at Zeglynn ShCM. Brindle. Spot on for size. Very handsome with excellent head, lean skull and correct slight stop. Elegant neck into good shoulders. Decent for bone. Tidy feet, well arched knuckles, pasterns just a little upright. Super deep brisket and top line with slight arch over loin. Well bent stifles and strong second thigh. Moved out soundly and accurately. 2. Clewes. Cyangrange Latino Lustre at Shardbeck. Golden fawn in glorious condition and fine coat. Taller and more elegant than 1, finer boned. Breed typical head, long and lean, with neat ears. Elegant neck and oblique shoulders. Front and rear quarters complementary. Pleasing length of loin, muscled with the required slight arch in top line. Not as accurate in movement as 1. Post


Graduate Dog 9 (1)

A class of a variety of breed types, a couple of which, although well constructed hounds, certainly sound and good moving, were over sized and too heavy.

1. Ellis. Railfield Rainmaster JW. Brindle. Taller than 2. Pleasing head, fine ears and flat skull. Long elegant neck. Correct lay of shoulders and long straight forelegs. Deep chest, well ribbed and good top line, held on the move. Lovely condition and in excellent coat. Well bent stifles. Stands over a lot of ground. Free and easy mover, carrying tail as required.

2. Cahill and Timberlake. Enolacans Antonio Banderas at Chipperlake. Pale fawn. Different breed type than 1. Super for size, without sacrificing masculinity. Beautiful head, wide between the eyes and so classic. Elegant neck and front quarters more than pleasing, elbows set under body and lovely spring of ribs. Finest of coats and supple skin. Top line correct. Balanced and no exaggerations. Moved out with energy and accuracy. Handled to perfection.

3. Clewes and Cleaver. Shardbeck Jet Set.


Mid Limit Dog 7 (2)

1. Price. Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance JW. Totally breed typical, a classic fawn. Hard to find fault in any aspect. Perfect for size, everything in harmony from nose to tail. Beautiful curves in all the right places. No exaggerations, sufficient in bone, masculine and fits the standard from start to finish. Moved soundly, with breed typical free flowing action. I can totally see why he does the winning he does. Personally, would just love him to have that extra dash of showmanship to gild the picture.

2. Darque. Supeta’s Just Call Me Special. Eye catching brindle and white. Larger than 1, but an elegant hound. Lovely lean head, ears a little loose, neck long and arched. Super overall shape and deep brisket. Good for bone and neat feet. Hind quarters strong, well bent stifles with tail carried correctly. My notes say absolutely floated on the move, light and accurate. Would advise not to bait whilst in stack, as he tended to go up on toes, spoiling his front.

3. Perkins. Dejare Would You Believe at Zeglynn ShCM


Limit Dog 16 (1)

What a class of absolutely top quality, winning dogs from across the country. Seriously challenging to judge but exciting and so enjoyable. My notes state at the top of the page “Super fabulous class!” My only quibble, was the perpetual baiting whilst I was trying to examine one dog’s head and front on the table. I would advise refraining from baiting the dog whilst the judge is specifically trying to go over this part of the exhibit.

1. Poole and Winkley-Balmer. Edenwhip Quantum Of Solace. I have long admired this dog, he appeals to me in so many ways. Brindle with white trim. Masculine without any coarseness, beautiful head with perfect ratios. Neat fine ears. Long elegant neck, flowing into clean shoulders and great front quarters. Deep brisket, overall balanced and so well constructed. Another dog difficult to find any thing that one would like differently. Strong hind quarters, well let down hocks. Excellent, free mover. Did not disappoint in any aspect. A real showman.

2. Shepherd. Citycroft Sundae With Oxana JW ShCM. Another of my favourite dogs currently in the ring today. Beautiful golden fawn with a stunning head piece. Longer cast than one, he is of excellent size and exudes quality. Lovely long neck, with correct shoulder lay. Super front assembly, straight forelegs and well arched knuckled feet. Curvy underline, one’s hands do literally flow over this dog. Unexaggerated hind quarters, well let down hocks. Fine coated and in excellent condition. Another big moving dog that keeps his shape. He well deserved his position in this class.

3. Smith. Coynachie Crazy Diamond


Open Dog 9 (3)

1. Fryer. Collooney Eye Love You at Stonefox. Golden fawn, white points. A beautiful example of the breed and a joy to go over. Fabulous head, masculine with pigmentation that just enhances the bone structure beneath. Elegant neck, oblique lay of shoulders. Straight bones, neat feet and sufficient spring of pasterns. Deep brisket, curvy underline. Topline with correct rise over loin. Skin and coat supple and fine. Strong hindquarters, decent second thighs and well let down hocks. Presented in excellent condition. Balanced stacked and on the move. Easy mover, so true coming and going. He was at his best today, deserving the awarding of his third CC and going onto BIS.

2. Coulter and Fletcher. Ir Ch Collooney Prawn Star. Brindle.What an elegant Whippet. Fabulous head, long necked, arched and flowing into clean shoulders. Super front assembly. Standing on tight feet, pasterns with slight spring. Excellent ribbing and forechest. Superb length and balanced on the stand and on the move. Fine coat, fit and carrying just the right amount of condition. Hind quarters well constructed and in harmony with the front. Moved out with enthusiasm, true coming and going. Top quality from head to tail. Real show presence and demanded my attention. Loved this dog. RDCC & RBIS

3. Yacoby-Wright. Cobyco Standing Ovation.


Special Open Blue or Black Dog 4 1.

Manners and Glasspool. Penbriar Dark Secret at Mannerpool. Black in tip top shape and so well constructed. Masculine head, long and lean, neat ears. Elegant neck, super front assembly. Deep chest, ribs well sprung. Coat and skin to die for, fine and supple. Hind quarters strong and certainly sound on the move, free and easy mover. Exceedingly well handled to really showcase this well constructed hound.

2. Wilkinson Rowangarth Wind of Change By Fletchgate. Black. Taller than one and more strongly built throughout. Lovely masculine head, super ear carriage and used them well. Long neck and good shoulders. Deep chest and pleasing front assembly. Strong loin and well angulated hind quarters. Good tight feet. Another one in very fine coat. Moved out well.

3. Morris and Waddell. Gilnockie Happy Days.


Veteran Dog. 6(1) 1. Whitehead, Smith and Mixidies. Ch Citycroft Star Gazing Over Yialousa JW. Handsome fawn. Beautiful head, just a touch of grey round the muzzle. Excellent breed type and a quality male. Good length of neck and front quarters are well constructed. Deep chest, elbows tight and ribs are well sprung. Loin strong and underline smooth and curvy. Hind quarters unexaggerated and stands over good ground. Active and sound on the move. Easily holding his own in the line up today. BVD & RBVIS

2. Short. Ch Collooney Going Dutch. Smaller fawn and in excellent order for his age, which I find difficult to believe. Neat and compact, balanced and without any exaggerations in construction. Handsome head, with a super front assembly. Neat feet and the desired spring of pasterns. Deepest of chests, ribs well sprung. Holds his top line on the stack and on the move. Hind quarters still well muscled, so sound and free moving. An excellent example of our breed and more than adequately emphasises the longevity of our Whippets to be active in the show ring.

3. Winup and Paipala. Dalzeah Winter Melody Cum Rogansrock.



Claire J Rishworth

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Northern Counties Whippet Club Championship Show Special Awards Classes – Sunday 14th April 2019

A lovely well organised show with  friendly, welcoming atmosphere from the committee and exhibitors.

JD/B (8,4)


Pilkingtons and Myers Supeta’s Show and Tell Astrazone 12mth super young dog just out of puppy.  Presented a balance picture stood and on the move. Correct head, long and lean, very alert in the eye. Had lovely depth of chest for a youngster.  Elegant length of neck leading to good lay of shoulder, with good length to the upper arm and good pasterns.  Just the right arch over his loin into strong hindquarters.  Good bend of stifle and strong thighs, needs to just strengthen in second thigh but I am sure this will come as he matures. True, straight, balanced movement out and back with good front reach.  Held his topline very well. 


Strong and Clintons’s Amphoras Magiq in Vogue by Mackjama 16mth bitch A very pretty more mature bitch than 1st, all the same qualities of the dog however she was not quite as balanced on the move.  Beautiful feminine head, alert eye and elegant neck.  Good lay of shoulder but I would prefer a little more length to her upper arm.  Deep chested, well sprung ribs and lovely arch over her loin.  Not quite the front reach on the move but held her topline well.


OD/B (8,3)


Wilkinson’s CityCroft Starfall JW 21mth bitch.  An interesting class with differing types.  A balanced, unexaggerated bitch throughout.  Good head, alert in the eye, elegant neck into laid shoulders, nice length to upper arm.  Well sprung ribs, strong thighs and hocks well down.  I would prefer her to have more depth to her chest, a little more arch over her loin and slight more to her stifle however she moved very well and was the strongest mover in the class. 


Smiths Coynachie Crazy for Love 4yr bitch.  A pretty bitch with many qualities, smaller stature than the winner.  Pretty head, good eye, elegant neck  Lacked a little in stifle.  She lacked a little in enthusiasm which showed in her movement sadly.

Keeley Newman Jones

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